Since Thrive Global Project’s founding in 2018, we are proud that our Local/National hub has served over 14,000 students with the resources they need to THRIVE!

Making an impact on our home turf, Charlotte.

Giving Students the Fuel to Thrive!

At Thrive Global Project, we are proud to serve thousands of students and work with our amazing partners and funders right here in Charlotte, NC!

Our Lobal Hub’s Programs in Mecklenburg County, NC:

Unzip the Potential - Mecklenburg County

Provides students in Mecklenburg County with a resourced-filled backpack to empower students with equitable classroom experiences.

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Ready to Thrive - Mecklenburg County

Provides low-income, high-achieving, first-generation college students with scholarships, access to technology, and expert-led programming designed to help students experience a more equitable college experience.

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Thriving Global Citizens - Mecklenburg County

Uniquely nurtures empathy in children by connecting them with peers in Africa. Through engaging presentations and online curriculum, students learn about Tanzania, the Maasai culture, and our lunch program in Tanzania, while integrating core subjects into our curriculum. Empathy education benefits not just classrooms but also communities.

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The U.N.’s Sustainable Development Goals

At Thrive Global Project, we are proud that our Local/National Hub helps meet 7 of the SDG goals set out by the United Nations.

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