Thrive Global Project was born from the belief that families are the backbone of communities and that education is the core that strengthens families, builds communities and impacts lives for the better.

Where the Money Goes Thanks to private donors, Thrive Global Project uses the public donations they receive from contributions and grants to fund their programs and services directly, without any overhead expenditures. This allows Thrive to partner with a large number of evidence based programs on the ground both in the US and overseas and connect with students and families in unique and powerful ways.

Through our partnerships with other organizations, we are able to not just have direct impact in the lives of students and families,

but gather data on the success of the programs and see areas of weakness that require additional funding or a more strategic way of addressing the need. This allows donors to see impact that grows from year to year and to feel confident that their donations are truly making a difference.

Where we work is important, But also who we work with.