Leadership Team

Thrive Global project is the passion of a small, but mighty team with decades of combined experience in directing nonprofits, educational programs, and social enterprises.

It’s our passion that drives us.

Grace Moyd, Executive Director

Hailing from South Carolina, Grace got a degree in Humanities with focusses in Philosophy, Religion and English. She started her career as an entrepreneur building a social enterprise called WritefullyHis. During her time at WritefullyHis, she did consulting work on the side with non-profits and start-up social businesses. She traveled to Africa numerous times leading trips for organizations and saw the need for resources and so did her extended family. In 2017, her family wanted to give back more and asked her to spearhead a family legacy. After 6 months of research, Thrive Global Project was born January 2018.

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Kathryn McLeod, Director of Development & Marketing

Kathryn is a story-teller, connector, innovator, traveler, disruptor, and awkward dancer.

She has a professional background in the private and not-for-profit sectors and is a pioneering business marketer and business development guru specializing in Social Enterprise (aka businesses who create common good).

Her life and professional experiences have led her down a different path than most. A few years ago, she had an insane dream that would require her to leave her job, sell her possessions, buy a one-way ticket to Africa and risk everything...

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Heather Elliott-Whitehead, Volunteer Consultant for PR and Media Relations

Born and raised in rural Jamaica, Heather migrated to the prairies of Canada in the late nineties and later made her way to study in the United States where she's called home ever since. Heather is a Public Relations Executive , Administrative and Communications Consultant and Entrepreneur based primarily in New York City. Heather's philanthropic endeavors spans across various causes where she volunteers her time and expertise for the greater good to help people in need.

Emanuel Motta, Adventure Director

Born and raised at the base of Mt. Kilimanjaro, Ema Motta first climbed Africa’s highest peak in 2001. For the following 15 years, he has led climbing expeditions on Kilimanjaro and other peaks as a certified licensed guide, in addition to designing, organizing and leading a wide range of biking and safari adventures.

Ema is a Certified Wilderness First Responder (WFR) and has been trained and certified in Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and high altitude sickness by the Outdoor Institute from Montana, USA. He is passionate about providing his clients with outstanding experiences that feature the best of Tanzania, taking into account clients’ interests and aspirations.

Ema has been guiding TGP's trips to Africa since 2018.

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Ernest Philemon Mmbaga, TLP Coordinator

Ernest Philemon Mmbaga is the newest member of the TGP Leadership team.

"I am the Coordinator for The Lunch Project. Education is very important to my family. Education is the key to life. I do not have a high education, but my parents managed to make sure I finished secondary school, which has really helped me in my life. From the time I met the founder of TLP, to my job now helping provide porridge to over 7,000 students, I consider my work with The Lunch Project a gift from God."

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Our Board of Directors

  • Aynsley Stotler, Board President – Wells Fargo
  • Amy Dashiell, Board Secretary – Dashiell Realty
  • JJ Littrell, Board Treasurer
  • Chris Hanne, Member – Dashiell Realty
  • Sireesha Thompson, Member – TRANE Technologies
  • Stacy McBride, Member – Contec
  • Jean-Marie Nshimiyimana, Member – Mastercraft
  • Annie Makela, Member – Hillbrook School
  • Garry L. McFadden, Member – Mecklenburg County Sheriff
  • Michele Dudley, Member – Donahue Charitable Foundation
  • Tricia Sistrunk, Member – Attorney

Our Global Advisory Board

  • Krupa Patel, Global Advisory Board Member – Silverleaf Academy
  • Kofi Osei-Kusi, Global Advisory Board Member – Osei-Kusi Foundation
  • Emanuel Motta, Global Advisory Board Member – Origin Trails
  • Ayaa Musuya, Global Advisory Board Member

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