Our Programs

Since Thrive’s founding in 2017, we are proud to serve our communities with three cornerstone programs.

Unzip The Potential

At Thrive Global Project, we are privileged to serve students locally, nationally and abroad.

Unzip Your Potential

Provides disadvantaged K-12 students with a resourced-filled backpack and expert-led workshops to empower students with equitable classroom experiences.

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Ready to Thrive

Provides low-income, high-achieving, at-risk first-generation college students with scholarships and expert-led programming designed to help these students to have a more equitable college experience.

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Thriving Global Citizens

Provides students with resources and tools that empower them to grow socio-cultural understanding. Global competence is crucial and the application of the framework is critical for creating social capital.

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Where the Money Goes Because of our commitment to our mission, all of our funding goes straight to our programs and not a dime to administrative overhead.